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About Us

We are currently three specialized trainers in the development and training of three important areas:

  • The use of voice and verbal language
  • The use of the body and body language
  • Training in different communication and coaching skills.

Our experience in the business world, under the brand "Gabinete de Voz", it comes from the year 1997. Since then we have been moving, innovating and adapting, the training of the theater world and coaching to the business universe.

One of our areas of expertise is working with top and middle management.

A good reference of ours, is the recognized name of many of our clients and the fact of their continuity with our results and methods.

What is our approach?

Communication skills are related to how the system: Body-Mind-Emotions-Communication works

The way we communicate is connected with the way we handle our emotions, thoughts, body and our expertise and experience with conversational and emotional skills, therefore, we train to develop skills with the use of the voice area( pronunciation, pauses, voice variety , rhythm changes ...), body language (use of gestures, your presence, movements ...), and the way we talk (conversational skills and our emotional management) and also, when required, the form in which we look at the obstacles (how the person handles the "mental battles" or better thoughts to face situations).

How do we work?

  • With very small groups
    (depending on the communication workshop our client chooses: from 4 people to a maximum of 6 people, in 1-day workshops and maximum 8 people in the two-days workshops)
  • With one to one sessions
  • We follow-up, in some of the workshops (those that have different cycles: 1 and 2 and in one to one sessions).


With a package of acting skills (with use of the voice and body language) + communication skills + listening exercises + coaching skills (depending on the workshop and on the person some of the skills mentioned may have more weight than others).

And with a pedagogical characteristic: we follow up what has been learned
(in those workshops that have different cycles: 1 and 2 and one to one sessions).

OUR PHILOSOPHY (our two pillars)

  1. You learn to dance by dancing (there are skills which are NOT acquired mentally)
  2. Our pleasure is the growth of our clients