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Cycle I Training


Resources to speak in public

Spanish / English

Goal: For the participant to strengthen their skills and exercises a wide range of very useful tools for his presentations.

Participant skills are enhanced from 3 different areas:

  • From the use of the voice
  • From the attitude (including use of the body language- basic but very important level)
  • From the management of the presentation itself (sending key messages, global objective, listening to the audience…)

Directed: To all those who wish to improve their presentations.

Duration: 1 intensive day of 8 h

Groups: from 2 to 4 people.

Methodology:Each participant will give a presentation (part of it) at the beginning of the training and a personalized analysis will be made. Then the training will be carried out, eventually it will be applied to the presentations and at the end of the day the progress and differences will be compared with the first presentation practice.